Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Wellington and Ebola Orphans



Wellington and Ebola Orphans


Today is Sunday and I traveled to Wellington for church at Lords Mission Church Wellington. This is the home church of the Lord’s Mission and the home to all of the orphans. We arrived to the familiar sound of Praises being sung in Krio. Rev Mansaray presented the message in Krio and I was thrilled that I could understand all of his preaching!

pastor hassan

As he finished his message and the service ended a handful of the orphans clamored to his side, each of them wanting to grab his hand and talk to him at the same time. He is their Daddy and they love him. He knows all of their names. He treats all of them as his own children. His entire face light up as he talks to them, hugs them, and lets them climb up on his lap.


I caught up with a few of the older kids that I know. Timothy grew up in the Wellington Orphanage he is now 23, going to College for social work, and helping as support staff with the Ebola orphans! Everyone now calls him Pastor Timo.





The familiar hike up the steep hill to the orphanage building has changed to walking between houses and yards to avoid the road which has been washed out from their rainy season. The neighborhood shouts of “Hello!” still ring out as they see a white person hiking the hill.

There are so many new faces. I spent the day getting to know a whole new group of orphans I have never met before. The kids who live here in this building now have been orphaned from Ebola. They are from the Wellington area and have become family to each other. There are also about 25 kids living here from another orphanage who had to shut their doors and needed a place for the children.




When we arrived back at the New Steps building many of the younger children came running to the car yelling “Pastor, Pastor!” over and over again. When they were done greeting him it was my turn. And thus began the evening of just loving the kids.

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