Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Photographing The Heart Of Missions


Live Your Faith – Heal With Excellence – Make Disciples

What an opportunity to see and capture these incredible missionaries at work! They are modern day hero’s living out their faith and bringing much needed heath care to the people of Togo and West Africa. I am amazed and inspired by the stories they have witnessed, telling of Gods faithfulness, as He guides their hands and opens the hearts of their patients to hear about the love of Jesus Christ! Every day of work they see extremely advance medical problems and severe injuries. With Gods help they are faithfully living out the call to go into all the world and preach the gospel! Live Your Faith. Heal With Excellence. Make Disciples.
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Vistas Del Mombotombo

11 Students, 3 Instructors, and Nicaragua! We spent hours shooting and editing, learning sound and video technics, and getting to know the missionaries and the work that they are doing in Nicaragua!
We came back with 11 completed videos sharing the stories of the national missionaries and the great things God is doing through them in Nicaragua!
Storytellers Abroad Missions Multimedia Workshops​. This is a story I did on a young pastor who is making disciples and planting churches among the people of Nicaragua!

Rescue A Child Ministry

World Evangelistic Outreach has been working in Sierra Leone for over 10 years and more recently have begun work in Liberia. They have built schools, churches, and orphanages all in an effort to introduce the people of Sierra Leone to Jesus while providing much need education, a safe home, or a church to worship Jesus Christ!
Please take a few minutes of your day and watch the video we recorded for their ministry to use as a fundraising tool to further the work in West Africa!

The Nattiers

The Nattier family will begin medical missions work with ABWE in Togo, West Africa. The Hospital of Hope located in Mango, Togo is reaching thousands of people and meeting the medical needs of Togo and many surrounding countries!

To learn more about their missions work click on this link.

Why Africa

Hear why these missionaries chose to go to Africa and why they are serving where many couldn’t imagine living.

Hopital Baptiste Biblique

ABWE has a mission hospital in Togo, West Africa reaching thousands of people in 4 different countries!


There are many hats a missionary wears. There are many jobs in the missions field that are being used to reach people with the love of Christ.

Remote Jungle Backpacking
Chiapas, Mexico
An epic trip, hiking through the jungles of Mexico to reach several villages which are only accessible by airplane or hiking. Ups and downs, unexpected turns, changing plans, and taking over an airstrip.

The Fatherless Cry
Supporting Orphans of Sierra Leone

This video features the orphans of Freetown, Sierra Leone. They are survivors of the 10 year civil war that devastated this country. Many of the Sierra Leone people lost everything. But through this war many souls have been saved and forgiveness has been found!


Learn more about the orphans in the video below!


Mission to The Indigenous People of Chiapas, Mexico

Imagine learning Spanish to become a missionary to Mexico, and then learning a specific Indian dialect to reach the indigenous people who don’t speak Spanish and then translate parts of the Bible into that Indian dialect. This is the mission and goal of the Richardson family while they serve in Mexico!

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