Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Photographing The Heart Of Missions


Chiapas Mexico
October 5th – 24th, 2013

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         The trip in October will be slightly different from any missions trip I have done.
We will be backpacking in to 9 different villages covering 25 miles. From there we hike out to a dirt road, taking that road by public transit to a town that borders on the biosphere. We then travel to the river near the road where we will rent a river boat to take us south, down to a village on the main highway. We will have a pickup person wait that day for us there… then several hours to drive back to the missionary’s house!

           While here I will working with a missionary who grew up in Chiapas as a missionary kid and has continued as a missionary here with his wife and 4 children. His main outreach is to the Mayan Indian groups of Chiapas. Providing water filters and stoves that channel the smoke out of their homes. This has allowed an open door for him to then share his faith!


           This area is primarily Tojolabal and rather unreached, these villages have very limited outside contact. We would like to establish the feasibility of walking through this region often. (once or twice a year) We are going into this with allot of unknown details. It is a scouting trip to find an open door in to reaching and helping these people.

          The primary obstacle will be political with the rebels who run this area and if they tell us to get out, then we will. As to our actual work in village we will have to focus on non aggressive relationship building. Any evangelism will need to be kept low key for this trip and done quietly. We will be there as tourist with a desire to understand the people and look for ways that we might be allowed to help them.

          The primary language here is Tojolabal, usually 80%  of the people are mono lingual, 80% illiterate. The missionary we are working with has been to the first village we are going to, after that it is all un-tread territory for him. Our prayer is that we are allowed to walk through, visit with some, establish some weak level of presence (at most) and get out in one piece.

   As always thank you for your support!

          The team and I covet your prayers as we prepare for and travel this journey!

Prayer Requests:

Safety and Gods protection
Open doors for reaching the Tojolabal people
Strength for the journey
Wisdom and eyes to see
Unity among the team

To support me on this trip financially please click on the link below and select my name from the drop down list! Thank you!


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