Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Terrell Family

missionary family

Since arriving in Mexico I have been staying with the Terrell family! They have three beautiful girls and one adorable little boy! This family work with the Toholabal and cho’le people. Working on Bible translation, video dubbing, water filter and stove installation, and team outreach. This in only a handful of the things the Terrells are involved in.

Yesterday we got everyone set and took some family pictures for their prayer cards and worked on the narration and interviews for their support video. I always love hearing missionaries talk about what they do and why they do it. It gives me just a glimpse at what they do everyday to reach people who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ and His gift to them.

Julie had a great spot in mind for the pictures. It was a small church overlooking San Cristobal. Here we found a really cool tree to climb around in and get some great shots of everybody!

Here is are just a few from the day!

I am looking forward to sharing their video with you when it is complete!!









Missionary couple

Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Rose Finley

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  1. Nathan Terrell says:

    Thanks Rose! they are great pics thanks to a great camera lady. woohoo!

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