Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Photographing The Heart Of Missions

Sierra Leone – Ebola – plans changed


Just the other night I was proclaiming that we would still be going to Sierra Leone, even with the deadly outbreak of Ebola. That decision was not made lightly. I spent time in prayer and sought Gods will. I asked God to show me clearly when we weren’t supposed to go. Through my prayers I had complete peace to go. I would continue as planned to go until Sierra Leone closed travel across it’s borders or the US embassy closed travel to Sierra Leone. This would be my sign from God that we should not go.

I am now writing this post with a heavy heart. The CDC has raised the travel alert level to 3 banning nonessential travel in the country. Sierra Leone declared a state of emergency and closed travel across it’s borders.

We are postponing our trip until God opens the doors for us to travel to Sierra Leone. We will go. But it will be in God timing.

Please keep Sierra Leone in your prayers. This is a hard fight. Pray for the Orphans at the Wellington Orphanage. Pray for the missionaries who are staying in Sierra Leone to continue reaching people for Jesus Christ. Pray for the people who do not know Christ. Pray for the health care workers. Pray for the people who are sick and fighting for their lives.


I will still be traveling to Togo, West Africa to work with ABWE for 9 days. There are no cases of Ebola there. :-)  Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I work with them on their videos. I will be leaving August 25th.

Thank you all for your prayer and support. This journey is not over.

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  1. Denise says:

    Thanks for the challenge to keep praying for the people of Sierra Leone. I will.

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